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Manual Handling

Manual Handling Principles Course
This comprehensive four hour course offers a cost effective way of training your staff in-house whilst giving them a more in depth look at the risks involved with manual handling tasks.

Almost every job requires some level of manual handling task, be it moving a box of paper to the printer or unloading your stock off a lorry. Often it’s tasks that we wouldn’t think twice about that can catch us out, like moving a desk slightly to the side. By learning about the principles of manual handling, your staff will be able to assess the need of certain tasks, and avoid (hopefully!) hurting themselves or others.

Most employers are expected to give a level of manual handling training to their employees as it helps protect both parties regarding manual handling incidents. This is the basic course, so applicable to a wide variety of work places and is valid for 3 years.

In 4 hours, our experienced instructors will take you through all the theory behind manual handling, including:

· Current relevant legislation
· The anatomy/function of the back
· Causes and prevention of injury
· Ergonomics
· Risk Assessment
· Safe moving and handling techniques

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